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Water Damage Testimonials

Javiel Medina came out and he was wonderful, very considerate and professional.  It was comforting to be in good hands.  I highly recommend SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo!

Extremely happy with this company's work.  We had a leak in a hose to/from our dishwasher which seeped under the floor, so it wasn't readily apparent until the floorboards in front of the sink got "squishy" and water started leaking up.  Our insurance company recommended SERVPRO of SLO, and they came out immediately to assess the damage.  They wasted no time in beginning the mitigation process, diligently came back daily to monitor progress, and communicated each step of the way.  Did an awesome job.  Thanks to Amber, Javiel and the whole crew!

In January we had a slab leak at our home.  We used SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo to take care of the water damage.  Chelsea, in the office, was awesome to work with and kept everything moving and on schedule!  I highly recommend this company.

We had a leak in our kitchen that went through the kitchen wall into the living and dining rooms ruining all the laminate flooring.  The insurance company gave me SERVPRO's phone number.  I called them and a man came out right away to assess the damage and set up fans (I wish I could remember his name).  Then two more young men come in and tore up the flooring and cut out the wet drywall.  My husband and I were so impressed with how friendly, professional and polite they were, I want to mention them by name, they were Ruben and Little J (Javiel Jr).  They explained everything they were doing and even though the house was empty, they never went in the house without calling first.  SERVPRO's customer service and quality of work was OUTSTANDING!!!!!

Thank you for employing professional employees! I was very impressed with Jose, Daniel, and Ruben. They were very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Jose came the first day and explained the process in detail. Jose was very respectful to his team of employees. Daniel and Rubin came the second day and started the first process of the work that needed to be done. Daniel and Ruben were so kind to clean up, vacuum, and sweep up after they were done working. They both helped me move furniture around that was too heavy for me to lift. Ruben was extremely sweet to help me move around my children's belongs in a manner that would allow them to still get to their clothes and important everyday things. I especially like how well Ruben and Daniel worked together. All three men were gentle with our belongings, respected our home, and beyond professional. Thank you, I highly recommend Jose, Daniel, and Ruben for your next SERVPRO needs.

We had two different leaks in our rental home, one from rain and one from plumbing, at the same time. Kevin, David, Tony, and the rest of the SERVPRO crew did an amazing job at taking care of the problem. They are knowledgeable, very professional, hardworking, and extremely polite. They kept us informed daily on the progress in our home and on what we could expect to happen in the upcoming days. They worked late each night to get the job done. I can not say enough positive things about these guys. They definitely helped make the unfortunate event of the leaks more tolerable by working diligently and showing compassion towards us during this difficult time. I would highly recommend using them for water and mold remediation. The owner of this company should be very grateful for his hard working crew and their representation of the SERVPRO name.

We called SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo and within one hour Javiel was at our home. We had our refrigerator freezer leak and dump at least 50 gallons of water into our kitchen over night. Javiel and Roman were so professional and kind. They walked us through the process and were so patient with all of my questions throughout the day. They had to tear apart our brand new kitchen and tomorrow they come back to finish the demo job. Although I have no kitchen now, I know that I am in good hands. I trust Javiel and Roman to make the professional decisions to make our kitchen safe and water-free. Very thankful for SERVPRO and I am happy to work with them on restoring our kitchen. Highly recommend!

It's not over yet but the problem of a roof leak has been well taken care of by a team of men from SLO SERVPRO. When I first noticed a stain on my ceiling just days before Christmas, Jose responded almost immediately even though it was a Saturday morning. He got things to a manageable place and on Monday, two guys moved everything out of my dining room and set it up as a containment area. They cut out the wet dry wall and ceiling, put paper down on the floor and set up drying equipment. Now it's 2 weeks later and the problem still exists although because of a bigger issue with the roof that has yet to be addressed by the roofing company. I can't say enough for how hard these guys work plus long hours. They have been super-responsive when I've called and have checked in daily to take readings of the progress of drying. Each time there has been someone new, they have politely introduced themselves. I have been impressed with the way they get in and get the job done. The team has been Javier, Javier Junior, Jose, Reuben and one or two others (sorry, I don't remember their names). Javier feels like he's my new BFF he's been here so much!

These guys have been very professional, polite, on time, clean and organized:
Joe, Javiel and Jose .  I have been impressed. They answered my questions with knowledge.  They deserve a raise. Thanks so much!  I forgot to add Tony, Field Manager, a great guy to deal with.  
Recommend SERVPRO of San Luis Obispo highly.

We had a huge bathroom overflow in our office. We tried to clean it up. When we came in the next morning, it was worse. We called SERVPRO and they came out with these huge dryers and de-humidifiers.They pulled up the carpet and got everything dry. Then they cleaned the carpet to. It was the best case fix I could imaging. In about a day, everything was back to normal. We had an excellent experience with them.

We discovered a leak from our upstairs shower. We had a plumber come out. We then called our insurance, who directed us to SERVPRO, who installed hot-air blowers for several days and who will now move on to work with the insurance contractors to repair the damage. We are writing to commend SERVPRO for their excellent and helpful service: Tony, Daniel, Joe, and Jay were all very polite and hard-working, and very professional. We were lucky to find them.